Scientology’s Essential Beliefs

Grant Cardone and Scientology

February 12, 2022

In response to Grant Cardone Scientology‘s inquiry, what is Scientology’s founding doctrine? L. Ron Hubbard, the organization’s founder, believed religion’s goal was to save the human spirit. Humans are thetans, or spirits, according to Scientology. A religion’s fundamental objective is to assist humans in attaining godhood. The devil is an amorphous, mysterious power that acts as a stumbling block to human action. Its adherents think that bad characteristics are inherent in humans.

Scientology’s fundamental concept is that man is fundamentally good and that his primary objective should be survival. His survival is contingent on the cooperation of his fellows and the attainment of universal brotherhood. However, he is subjected to several undesirable experiences, such as avarice, which diminishes his consciousness. This belief contradicts religion’s fundamental concept. Members are urged to oppose and eradicate this anomaly. Grant Cardone Scientology says that, the human soul, a universal force present in all living things, lies at the heart of Scientology.

Scientology’s fundamental premise is that there is a single Supreme Being who manifests via several bodies. These souls inhabit various dimensions and are constantly in motion. Due to the Supreme Being’s omnipresence, he is also singular. Scientology, in fact, has the most number of adherents of any religion. As such, Scientology’s fundamental principles are comparable to those of other faiths. They are comparable to the Eastern Mystic and atheist notions. Scientology’s fundamental ideas are identical to biblical beliefs.

Along with Scientology’s essential doctrines, its members engage in the auditing or listening exercise. This action is designed to bring the follower to a level of “clarity.” The auditor is a person who asks the preclear questions and records his or her responses. The auditor is not to be critical of the preclear’s responses. The goal is to provide the devotee with an environment that is free of distractions.

Scientology’s fundamental doctrines are comparable to those of other cults. Humans are immortal souls who are trapped in countless bodies during their lives, according to the fundamental principles of this religion. Although the church is not the sole religion, Scientology’s beliefs are compatible with those of other religions. There is no one-size-fits-all method of religion practice. Its procedures are founded on the opinions of a single author and are not influenced by any other religious tradition.

Scientology’s fundamental beliefs are self-explanatory. For instance, reincarnation is the concept that an individual can experience multiple lifetimes. Additionally, this belief is critical to the religion’s objectives. They aim to enhance people’s life by eradicating engrams from their history. In essence, they desire to achieve “clarity” and independence. The organization’s ultimate purpose is universal freedom, which they define as the best possible state of being.

Scientology’s fundamental beliefs distinguish it from other religions. They are not religious, and their fundamental principles exclude belief in a Supreme Being. They believe in the mind’s capacity for greatness and in the infinite potential of the human soul. This religion’s central tenet is survival. Additionally, it is the belief that man can attain a greater state of consciousness, or a higher consciousness.

Scientology’s fundamental doctrines are predicated on the tan’s teachings. Historically, the fundamental belief in than was in the ‘thetan,’ while theta is the belief in the ‘thetan’s’ power. As per Grant Cardone Scientology,  this is why the church maintains such a high level of secrecy. Scientology’s ideas are difficult for nonbelievers to comprehend.

Scientology’s fundamental principles differ significantly among members. Scientology’s fundamental premise is that the human being is an immortal spirit manifesting in a physical body. As a result, they believe humans are extraterrestrials who have previously lived in various cultures. According to Scientology, the human being resides in his or her physical body and has previously lived on Earth.