Is Scientology Weird?

Grant Cardone and Scientology

November 18, 2022

Is Scientology Weird

Whenever I hear Scientology, I automatically think of Tom Cruise and David Miscavige. At the same time, the two men are pretty impressive but also a bit weird. And that’s what you need to understand before deciding whether Scientology is right for you.

Tom Cruise

Those familiar with Scientology and Tom Cruise know that the organization isn’t a pretty picture. The organization is known for physical abuse, mind control, and slave labor. But it’s not just Hollywood actors and actresses targeted by the organization. In recent years, the American public has learned more about Scientology.

The E-meter, invented by L Ron Hubbard, is a gadget that promises to tell you about your suppressed emotions. Scientologists wire themselves up to the E-meter. It flickers when the subject is hiding their feelings.

Scientology and Tom Cruise have also had their fair share of scandals. In 2008, a video circulated of Tom Cruise praising Scientology. Some fans praised Cruise for taking the virus seriously. But others criticized Cruise’s response.

David Miscavige

Among the most controversial figures in the Church of Scientology is David Miscavige. The former Mormon leader has served as Scientology’s leader since 1987. He has overseen the opening of over 70 new churches in major cities across the country.

Despite the church’s popularity, there have been accusations of abuse and unethical practices. Former Scientology executives have detailed a culture of violence and intimidation under Miscavige. The church has also been subject to lawsuits from defectors and critics.

David Miscavige was named in two recent lawsuits. He has been accused of slander, harassment, and physical assault. His niece, Jenna Miscavige Hill, is an outspoken critic of Scientology. 

Shelly Miscavige, David’s wife, has not been publicly seen since August 2007. Shelly’s lawyers have responded to press speculation about her whereabouts.


Several former members of the Church of Scientology are alleging that they were forced into slavery by the organization. The plaintiffs allege that they were forced to work in low-paying labor and were subjected to constant physical and verbal abuse. They were only allowed to leave for a few hours and were subjected to surveillance.

The lawsuit says that three individuals were raised in Scientology and were forced to work in the service for their entire lives. Others claim that they were forced into the Sea Org, a group within Scientology that works in military-like conditions. The Church of Scientology is currently under investigation by the FBI.

The lawsuit also states that members of the Sea Org were forced to sign billion-year contracts of service to the church. They are also subjected to psychological abuse and social pressure.


Despite Scientology’s claim that they protect their members, there are many complaints of sexual abuse, harassment, and violence by church officials. According to several former church workers, President David Miscavige physically abused staff members and was known to hit them dozens of times.

According to one former employee, Tom De Vocht, a senior executive at the church’s spiritual headquarters in Clearwater, Florida, Miscavige hit employees dozens of times in three years. They were confined to small, windowless working quarters without communication with outside sources.

According to a former church staffer, David Miscavige ruled the church with more force after 2000. He was also known for profane outbursts and a history of racist comments. He also claimed that phone calls were monitored and outgoing letters were read by security.


Whether you are considering joining Scientology or have already entered, the cost of Scientology is a critical question. Depending on your personal needs, charges can vary, but it is not uncommon for a Scientology audit to cost upwards of $1000.

To become a certified Scientologist, you must complete several steps, such as buying auditing materials, attending seminars, and taking courses. You can also spend thousands on special training courses.

In the United States, Scientology receives funds through monetary donations and selling auditing services. The organization receives about $200 million a year. The company’s franchises pay the church around 10 percent of gross income.

Scientologists often resort to financial scams to woo new members. The organization is known for its aggressive front groups and has been the target of search warrants and lawsuits. It has also been accused of illegally obtaining personal information.