How Was Scientology Started?

Grant Cardone and Scientology

September 25, 2022

Before we answer the question “How was Scientology started?” it’s essential to understand a little bit about the church’s founding. The Scientology religion aims to create an “operating tan” (OT), a person who can handle things without physical means. Its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, was a Scientologist who founded the Church of Scientology. His methods are controversial, but his beliefs and values are still relevant today.

L Ron Hubbard

A new religion was born in December 1953, when L. Ron Hubbard declared his new religion, “Scientology.” At the same time, he also moved to England, where he managed the growing organization from an office in the British capital. In addition, he purchased the Saint Hill Manor near East Grinstead, Sussex, which the Maharajah of Jaipur initially owned. This property became the world headquarters for Scientology.

Hubbard was born in Tilden, Nebraska, and attended George Washington University. He later dropped out of college to pursue other interests, including writing. His writing was eclectic, ranging from science fiction to Westerns, and he was also a prolific author of pulp magazines. In the 1930s, he married Margaret “Polly” Grubb and fathered two children.

Isolation of members with mental breakdowns Scientology

The isolation watch is a method that Scientologists use to put members on a strict watch to prevent physical or mental harm. The policy is based on the beliefs of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, who was also a science fiction writer. It is considered the last resort for Scientologists who are mentally unstable. This method has been a secret for decades, but Scientology recently started releasing information about the process.

The procedure involves auditing a person’s memory and finding the causes of a mental breakdown. During the auditing process, the sect members have to recall specific events that happened to them, which is called a “rundown.” During auditing sessions, they are asked to identify the causes of their breakdown.

Clearwater, Florida

In the early 1970s, the Church of Scientology moved from Los Angeles to Clearwater, Florida. Its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, believed that the church could help people live better lives. As a result, the Church of Scientology has a large following and has made much money for itself, spending more than 2 million dollars weekly on services and donations.

The church’s leadership and intelligence unit began a massive scheme to establish “area control” in Clearwater. The plan involved planting spies in the state attorney’s office, the Chamber of Commerce, and the local newspaper. The church also framed the mayor in a hit-and-run accident and spread rumors that he had an extramarital affair. They also set aside $10 million to buy secret real estate downtown.

Phoenix, Arizona

The religion of Scientology started in Phoenix, Arizona, where L. Ron Hubbard lived for many years. During his time in Phoenix, he gave lectures to Scientologists worldwide. He also trained students who would go on to form Scientology groups worldwide. He gave more than 600 lectures in Phoenix alone, some in the orange groves, some on stage at the Phoenix Little Theatre, and some in other locations.

Hubbard’s groundbreaking research provided solutions for problems ranging from drug addiction to illiteracy to social unrest. His ideas were carried on by many people and are now part of our culture. For example, the Church of Scientology in Phoenix is led by Rev. Ginny Leason, who has worked with local community leaders and interfaith organizations since 1990.