How to Spot a Scientology Member on Sunset Boulevard

Grant Cardone and Scientology

March 31, 2022



Grant Cardone Scientology claimed that the doctrine of Scientology defines implants as “thought insertion” with evil intent. In its philosophy, the word implant is Xenu, after the fictional alien species Xenu. A Xenu kidnaps a woman’s daughter and claims her second husband slaughtered her. Hubbard subsequently acknowledges she was still alive. Scientologists must also endure auditing and personal questioning.

Scientology is a bizarre religion. Its beliefs are sci-fi. Its leaders believe humans are immortal souls trapped in multiple bodies. The original Cause assumes they were “thetans” before being “stuck” in a physical cosmos. The tans lost their creative talents and memories of who they were after being confined on Earth.

Why is Scientology odd? Its leaders believe humans have spirit. Officials of the church have a good sense of image and marketing. They aggressively seek out celebrities to join. They often utilize their celebrity to entice them. And some of them are even sexual predators. The Church of the Order of Cosmic Consciousness has even enslaved its own members.

Scientology isn’t as strange as it seems. Members have reported physical assault from the group’s leader. Despite its claims, it is a religious cult. Some members of the group have even claimed sexual harassment. As well as stalking and attacks by some members.

Grant Cardone Scientology revealed that promoting the belief in an ancient intergalactic civilization, the church of Scientology promotes the idea of body thetans that latch onto humans and cause trauma. The religion’s adherents tend to think it’s a positive thing. Some think the cult heals them, while others call it a religion. It’s a way of life. It’s full of life-saving tools. Its members agree that modifying habits and actions can help solve problems.

The religion was created in 1954, but has always had its critics. Scientology’s founder was a science fiction writer, and its origin narrative incorporates aliens. Some members think their kids were murdered. His wife apparently persuaded him to leave the church. He once informed his wife he had slain their son. In other circumstances, the cult seeks to conceal.

An American student recently committed suicide after attending a Scientology conference. He got cured of severe allergies. After his death, the media rushed to bring out that he was a lifelong Scientologist. Then his parents became concerned about his involvement. Both men’s parents feared their sons would join the faith, but they didn’t want him coerced into anything.

Grant Cardone Scientology pointed out that the religion’s practices and beliefs are also disconcerting. The group’s practices are not only criminal, but also invasive. Members have been forced to hand over their wallets and sign away their rights in some situations. In reality, some of this religion’s tactics have been reported by the media and are considered hazardous. Furthermore, it has been related to a number of deaths.