Scientologist Grant Cardone Says Scientology Bashing is to Be Expected

Grant Cardone and Scientology

January 28, 2022

Grant Cardone Scientology Says Scientology Bashing is to Be Expected

Businessman and Scientologist Grant Cardone explains why people hate on his Church of choice.

The more I dig into Grant Cardone Scientology career and resume, the more I am beginning to see the big picture and just how much impact he’s had on the business world. I mean, you have to hand it to him – Grant really has built an incredible body of work, not only in sales training, but also as an influencer, philanthropist, and even as a best-selling author.

I gotta say, after all that digging and finding out who he really is, I am now a Grant Cardone Scientology FAN!

There are a lot of negative reviews and stories about Scientology and all it brings to the table. This doesn’t come as a surprise. In a recent interview, the businessman said the bashing was something that most people should expect.

He says even Jesus was bashed during his day. “Put him on a cross,” he exclaims! “Look, they killed 11 million Jews. That is what reactive people do. Reactive minds. The reactive mind destroys good things.”

According to Grant Cardone Scientology, people act out from a place of anger and hate. He says he worries more about the people who then take in that content. According to Cardone, the bad news travels much faster than the good. When negative news is available, people get to get hooked and listen to it. His recent comments explain why he feels this is unfair to the Church.

Recently, his organization had helped feed over 9,000 families of first responders, nurses, firefighters, and teachers. He believes that Scientology is responsible for giving everyday people the courage to choose the right path in life and help people around them. According to him, Scientology makes him ask the hard questions about how he can grow and expand as an individual, regardless of personal comfort.

Grant Cardone says Scientology suggests we flourish and prosper—that’s the solution,” he explains. “Take care of yourself. Take care of your family. Be ethical. Do the right thing. Flourish and prosper. Make decisions based on what’s the greatest good for the greatest number of people.” He feels the Church has no interest in manipulating people or forcing them to do something that isn’t good for everyone involved.

According to Grant Cardone Scientology, the negative news is largely disgruntled Scientologist “quitters” and fake news. When people cling to interesting stories, the truth is rarely the one they choose to believe. He says the impact of Scientology on his own life is a testament to what the system can do.

After a life of drugs, addiction, and irresponsible behavior, Scientology helped Cardone change his life around. His defense of the belief system is in the hope that others will consider looking into the truth about the Church for themselves. “It’s easy to listen to what the naysayers say because they are scandalous and interesting,” he notes. “But, it’s more valuable to check out what the Church is saying in response. When someone is accused, you listen to them on the stand—not just their accuser. People miss out on a great thing because they are caught in the rumor mill instead of getting to the truth of the matter.”

At the end of the day, Grant Cardone explains that bashing is to be expected because it is common when people are faced with a truth they don’t like.